Christy's Panty Movie Volume 1

Scene 1
Christy is the original panty girl and she proves it in this scene. Outdoors, in public, in a car, she knows how to tease, show her panties and more!! She has always worn sexy satin full-backs and always will as this scene can attest.
Size: 291 mb
Time: 18:30
Token Cost: 1
Scene 2
Some sexy panty teasing and upskirt shots lead to a killer blowjob in this scene. This is arguably one of Christy's greatest talents, but you can be the judge yourself as you watch Christy give an expert BJ and receive a mouthful of hot man-milk
Size: 170 mb
Time: 10:47
Token Cost: 1
Scene 3
This scene is one of my favorite scenes of all time because it dates back before pantyfreek was even thought of. This footage is of Christy back before we had the internet or the site and she used to tease me and taunt me playfully in her sexy panties. We may not have had the internet or the website back then, but I did have a camcorder and thankfully I documented Christy's hot panty teasing.
Size: 298 mb
Time: 18:56
Token Cost: 1
Scene 4
This is more early stuff of Christy teasing and showing me all of her sexy satin panties. She also treats me and the viewers to an all out self induced orgasm with her panties pulled aside and her favorite dildo in hand. Some hot stuff here panty freeks.
Size: 399 mb
Time: 25:21
Token Cost: 1
Scene 5
Many panty and outfit changes in this scene. You can really tell that Christy truly enjoys teasing and flashing her panties and she shows the viewer without a doubt that she is the undisputed panty queen. Not only does she know what to wear and do, but she also knows what to say as she tempts and teases the viewer by talking into the camera.
Size: 411 mb
Time: 26:05
Token Cost: 1
Scene 6
All decked out in heels, thigh highs, a mini-dress and some sexy satin panties, Christy treats us to an incredible masturbation scene.. Yummy!
Size: 184 mb
Time: 11:52
Token Cost: 1



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